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If you have been medically cleared and continue to experience physical discomfort, the cause may be subconscious in origin. Usually outside conscious awareness and control, subconscious content governs body monitoring, body control, emotion and memory. The earliest recorded use of hypnosis to restore Mind-Body balance can be traced to Amenphotep, an Egyptian priest-physician, 1550 BC. Medical hypnosis is uniquely suited to assist you in gaining access to the deeper regions of the brain to access the origin of the problem, release it, and to bring about desired change resulting in better health and a fuller living of your life.

Whether it be as simple as an unwanted habit pattern, learned long ago, which has outlived its usefulness, but persists, or as complex as a more deeply held thought, feeling or belief, resulting in unwanted symptoms and behavior, our therapists are trained to assist you in bringing about the changes you desire to fully live your life.


No matter the origin, all pain is real. Moody has said, ‘To be ill is to be anxious’. Fear and tension is the soil upon which pain grows. Relaxation increases comfort. Through hypnosis, fear and anxiety can be decreased, increasing comfort.

The psychogenic causes of pain are as individual as our experiences. Any time a person has a problem that involves the emotion or feelings, mood, attitude “nerves”, and the like, it can have far reaching effects which may cause mental and/or physical discomfort. There is an underlying cause or pattern in the individual emotional make-up, which needs to be more fully understood. The real solution or “cure” is to determine the cause of the problem, as it harbored in the subconscious and release it. This is thorough, and will produce a change in the feeling and in behavior, which is natural, comfortable and not forced, yet done quickly. “Medical Hypnoanalysis” is the process. This is not to say that it is a cure-all for everybody, it is not. It is a highly successful form of treatment.


With the advent of the EEG, we gained access to visual images of states of consciousness or brain activity: Beta, normal waking state, Alpha, hypnosis, prayer or meditation, Theta, amnesia, anesthetic and Delta, sleep. In sleep difficulties, the client often has difficulty slowing the activity of the brain, particularly, in making the shift from the conscious mind activities, thinking, reasoning, decision making to the more relaxed, open, accepting subconscious.

Although 20% of those suffering from difficulty sleeping do respond to simple interventions of relaxation and imagery, many more can achieve relief through the process of Medical Hypnoanalysis. Medical Hypnosis can help people re-learn the relaxation response disrupted by stress. A therapeutic examination and counterbalancing of underlying subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that drive the unwanted symptom can bring rest.

Weight Normalization

In weight normalization, we see excess weight as a symptom of the problem, not the problem. We find the person eating more than they want, or what they don’t want, or when they don’t want, in effect engaging in compulsive behavior. Compulsions come from feelings and feelings come from thoughts. We can help you find the (subconscious) thoughts that have led to the feelings and beliefs that have caused your eating compulsion.

On your first visit to Ms Popp, we will take a very extensive history that generally takes two hours or more. On the second session, we will teach you medical hypnosis and give you protective suggestions we give to all of our patients. You will receive some general suggestions in regards to eating and eating behavior. In subsequent sessions, you will uncover and discard subconscious needs for overeating.

As you discard these subconscious needs, the suggestions become more and more specific and effective for your particular problem. Initially, we would like to see you one time a week. Gradually the sessions can be spaced further apart.

Our work together is truly a partnership, as there are things the client must to do to reach their goals and things we as therapists will do to assist them. Through medical hypnoanalysis, we will locate and release the chains of faulty beliefs and negative injunctions forged by loss, guilt, anger, etc, that tie you to unwanted habit patterns, freeing you to make healthy choices.

Trying two or three sessions of medical hypnosis is not very helpful. It does take time and effort. Like pushing a cart up a hill, if I push and you pull we can get there. With the right attitude and our help you can reach your goal.

Pre-Surgical Suggestions

Surgical patients can benefit from therapy with Medical Hypnosis through relief of stress during the period before surgery. Patients can be prepared in well in advance of their anticipated hospitalization. Pre-operative training may decrease amount of anesthesia needed as well as post surgical medication. Recovery time may be shorter with less pain and swelling and complications.

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